2016 Ford Escape From Dealerships Near Redmond, OR: Explore In Style

True to its name, Ford’s new line of small SUVs will allow you to “escape” a chaotic and busy world and enjoy what lies ahead. The 2016 Ford Escape gives you the confidence to explore. Don’t worry though because while it will get you to places, it will do so while keeping you safe and comfortable.


There are two EcoBoost engines that power up an Escape. The 1.6L EcoBoost I-4 engine gives you 32 highway MPG, while the 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 engine sends 240 horsepower. With these kind of engines, you can cover miles without worrying about an empty tank. Moreover, the EcoBoost technology has the ability to generate more power from a drop of fuel through a cooler and denser fuel injection, making your SUV fuel efficient.


Bad weather conditions can spoil the fun of traveling, but with Escape’s smart 4WD System, nothing can stop you. Through the system, you can keep track of traction and cornering conditions during bad weather. What’s better is that you can do this every 16 milliseconds, keeping you updated on changes. Another good thing is that the system will adjust the distribution of torque where necessary to keep you in control of your vehicle despite rainy or snowy conditions.


Stay connected to your vehicle through the voice-activated SYNC technology, which provides hands-free access to applications. All you have to do is say your command when you want to make a call or listen to music. With this, you can keep your eyes on the road as you access your mobile devices and apps.

A ride like 2016 Ford Escape is what you need to go out there and have fun. To get your own unit, ask assistance from Ford dealerships serving Redmond, OR.


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