2016 Ford Focus from Redmond, OR Nearby Dealerships: Making A Statement

One of the best aspects of the 2016 Ford Focus is its design. It’s the kind of ride that can make heads turn as you speed through the neighborhood. If you’re a person who fancies a cool, energetic ride, then you may want to seriously consider this car.

Consistent Energy

Often described as confident and energetic, the Ford Focus appears to be in motion even when it’s not moving due to design elements that include dynamic lines, curves, fascia, and grille. Even its dragon-eye headlamps have an energy that fits individuals who are always ready for a thrilling ride. When you arrive in Focus, expect to receive compliments.

Exciting Wheel Choices

Did you know that you can command attention with your wheels as well? With its extended wheel lineup, you can bring out the best of your Ford Focus. There are 10 different wheel choices, including Rado Gray-painted aluminum, spoke aluminum, and alloy wheel, among others. Depending on your style and preference, you can choose the model with wheels that are most striking to you.

Stunning Colors

Color conveys a certain character, and the 2016 Focus provides a wide range for you. You can choose from Kona Blue, Race Red, Ruby Red Metallic, White Platinum, Oxford White, Shadow Black, Nitrous Blue Metallic, Stealth, and more. Whatever your personality, your Ford Focus can reflect it.

Design is just one aspect of the latest model of Ford Focus. To learn more of its other features, check with your reliable Ford dealerships serving Redmond, OR.


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