The 2016 Ford Edge from Dealers near Redmond, OR: The Perfect Ride

These two terms have been around for a while now, 4WD meaning Four Wheel Drive and AWD meaning All Wheel Drive. These, however, are just the definitions and quite a few drivers out there do not know how to tell the difference between the two. Choosing a reliable car like the 2016 Ford Edge entails making a choice between the two.

The four-wheel drive, the older of the two, is a manual system that has to be turned on or off by the driver. It was designed to help trucks and pickups distribute power to all four wheels in order to help the vehicle drive through tough terrain and rough road conditions. It is best for traction improvement and is more reliable in conditions such as sleet or mud. It can be turned off when not needed in order to save fuel.

The all-wheel drive is a more recent development. It is computer-operated and is on at all times. It works by auto-detecting terrain and road conditions, and then assigning torque and or traction to the needed set of wheels in order to keep the car stable. It does not need the driver’s intervention at any time can be used on a wider range of vehicles.

A good example of an AWD car is the 2016 Ford Edge. This vehicle uses sensors to constantly monitor the driver’s reaction to traffic and the kind of terrain it is on. It literally learns to predict the driver’s reaction and provide the needed assistance in the steering wheel or in the wheels themselves, to keep the drive smooth and safe. It is a tough and dependable car that is designed to protect its passengers at all times.

Now that you know the difference between the two systems, you can make a more educated decision when you decide to buy an SUV like the 2016 Ford Edge. There are several Ford dealers serving Redmond, OR who you can talk to for more insight.


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