The 2016 Ford F-250 from Redmond, OR: A Truck that Can Handle the Job

Many truckers are busy workers with no time and no tolerance for an actual office. They are always on the move, from one site to another. They live and work in and around their truck.


Try as they might to avoid office work, however, it always seems to catch up with them on the road. This is where they sometimes find themselves in a bit of a fix, and could do with a “mobile office” of sorts.


Designed with a Mobile Office in Mind


There are certain trucks that are designed with this specific need in mind. The result is a cabin that can actually serve as an office, in different ways.


The 2016 Ford F-250 is a perfect example. It has an LCD screen for displaying vital information, and interior storage that keeps your files safe under lock and key. It has an amazing center console that you can put into numerous configurations in order to create space for your laptops, tablets and any other gadget you might need while out on the road.


There are 2 power outlets to keep your devices charged up and ready. Because they know you will have to sit and work in the car for long hours, Ford also put in comfortable seats with superior lumbar support.


So go ahead and join hundreds of truck owners who have taken advantage of this creative innovation, and get all of your work done on the road in a comfortable and relaxed environment. You will find that your output will become more efficient and you will make better use of your time.


If you’re near the areas of Redmond, OR, reliable Ford dealerships are there to introduce you to this vehicle. Check out the 2016 Ford F-250 today, and see how it can efficiently help you get the job done.


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