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2016 Ford F-250 from Nearby Dealerships around Redmond, OR: A True-Blue Outdoor Explorer

For great adventures, you need an even greater truck. It should be ready to get down and dirty whether that means tramping through rocky roads or splashing through mud. There should be enough room for everything you need from a couple of friends to boats or big bikes. Few pickups can keep with such an active lifestyle, but the 2016 Ford F-250 is a truck that dares to go where few will. Continue reading


2016 Ford Mustang From a Prineville, Oregon Nearby Dealership: It’s All About Power

The design and performance of the 2016 Ford Mustang revolves around the concept of “power.” From its engine to its technology features, you can feel how it successfully appeals to your senses. Its strength, control, and flexibility bring out an aggressive character that makes you want to just go out there and make a statement.

Continue reading

2016 Ford Escape From Dealerships Near Redmond, OR: Explore In Style

True to its name, Ford’s new line of small SUVs will allow you to “escape” a chaotic and busy world and enjoy what lies ahead. The 2016 Ford Escape gives you the confidence to explore. Don’t worry though because while it will get you to places, it will do so while keeping you safe and comfortable. Continue reading