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The 2016 Ford F-150 from Dealerships around Redmond, OR: A Powerful Truck that Excites

To complete tough jobs in an effective manner, you’ll need a reliable truck. You get this and more with the 2016 Ford F-150, a heavy-duty vehicle that can haul a lot. When it comes to work trucks, this one is ideal. Continue reading


The 2016 Ford F-350 from Redmond, OR: The Right Truck for the Job

One of the trickiest times in a hauler’s life is selecting the right kind of truck for their business. For these hardworking individuals, it’s important for them to find a truck that they can depend on day and night to get the job done right. Continue reading

2016 Ford F-250 from Nearby Dealerships around Redmond, OR: A True-Blue Outdoor Explorer

For great adventures, you need an even greater truck. It should be ready to get down and dirty whether that means tramping through rocky roads or splashing through mud. There should be enough room for everything you need from a couple of friends to boats or big bikes. Few pickups can keep with such an active lifestyle, but the 2016 Ford F-250 is a truck that dares to go where few will. Continue reading

2016 Ford Focus from Redmond, OR Nearby Dealerships: Making A Statement

One of the best aspects of the 2016 Ford Focus is its design. It’s the kind of ride that can make heads turn as you speed through the neighborhood. If you’re a person who fancies a cool, energetic ride, then you may want to seriously consider this car.

Continue reading

2016 Ford Escape From Dealerships Near Redmond, OR: Explore In Style

True to its name, Ford’s new line of small SUVs will allow you to “escape” a chaotic and busy world and enjoy what lies ahead. The 2016 Ford Escape gives you the confidence to explore. Don’t worry though because while it will get you to places, it will do so while keeping you safe and comfortable. Continue reading