2016 Ford Explorer from a Prineville, Oregon Nearby Dealership: Exploring In Safety

There are always risks when going on an adventure. Steep hills and bumpy roads might make you lose control while driving, resulting in an accident. This is why it’s important to be extra careful when driving, and even better to have a vehicle that protects you from potential dangers such as the 2016 Ford Explorer. With its safety features, you can have peace of mind while exploring places you’ve never been.


Precise Parking

There are people who find it hard to park, bumping their cars along the way. The 2016 Explorer, on the other hand, features ultrasonic systems that can assist you in perpendicular parking. It spots a parking space and then guide you into it. The vehicle can steer for you while all you need to do is shift, accelerate, and brake.


Extra Pair of Eyes

There are blind spots when driving, exposing you to risks of collision and bumps. With the 2016 Explorer, however, you can have an extra set of eyes that will check around corners for you. The Front 180-Degree Camera assists you in pulling out of a driveway or a parking lot where you may have a hard time noticing obstacles in your path. The 2016 Explorer also features ultrasonic sensors that will alert you once they detect an obstacle in your way, making you maneuver around it in time.


911 Access

In case of emergencies, your Explorer can easily connect you to 911 assist through the voice-activated SYNC technology. This way, you won’t need to fish your phone to call for help as your vehicle can do that for you.


Safety is of utmost importance in buying a vehicle. To see how the 2016 Explorer can protect you better, go to your Ford dealership serving Prineville, Oregon.


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